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Grow Your Own – for Freshness

Freshness means lower histamine, and growing your own living herbs, salad greens and vegetables for muffins, garnishes, main courses and salads etc. is the best way to ensure true freshness.
No home is too small to grow herbs and salad greens for the kitchen. Potted plants can thrive even on a sunny windowsill. Many herbs and vegetables actually have antihistamine properties.
If you have access to a plot of land – even a small back yard – you can grow an enormous number of fruits and vegetables. Going out into the sunlight to do a little gardening not only helps your fitness and calms your mood, it increases your Vitamin D levels. Furthermore, since there are virtually zero travel miles between the garden and your plate, and no days spent in cold storage, your food can be eaten as fresh as Nature intended.
‘Propagating Fruit Plants’ teaches you how you can obtain your own fruiting plants the frugal way – by growing them from seeds and cuttings.


Published by Leaves of Gold Press.

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Utilizing POD technology decreases the number of returns and reduces paper waste, thereby cutting down greenhouse emissions and conserving valuable natural resources.