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Leafy vegetablesWhat’s the buzz about Vitamin K2?

One reader recently wrote in to say,

“Thank you for all of your work and sharing it with us on your website. I think I have a histamine allergy. How can I be sure this is the cause of my health problems and not something else? Also, how can I be sure to get enough Vitamin K-2 when I can’t eat cultured foods? Thank you!”

Our replies might help others with the same questions, so here they are:

Self diagnosis

One way of finding out whether you are histamine intolerant is to take antihistamines (follow the manufacturer’s directions) and see if they decrease your symptoms. If symptoms are severe you may need to take them for a few days or even weeks before you nitice an improvement. You might also have to take an H1 and an H2 receptor antagonist simultaneously.

Read more about antihistamines on our blog, here.

Getting enough Vitamin K2

Egg yolks are rich in Vitamin K2. Make sure you eat eggs that are very fresh and preferably pastured or free-range.

Good Health to All!

5 thoughts on “Vitamin K2

  1. Each time I take Vitamin K2 I get migraines. I tried various brands. Can you explain that to me? Do you know a solution? Because of osteopenia it would be really great to find a suitable K2 – without triggering migraines.
    Thank you!

    • Hello, it is most likely because k2 is greatly derived from fermented foods that are very high in histamines, which means you may have a histamine intolerance (like me) I am trying to find a source free of histamines, the closest I can find is beef fat, and butter

  2. I took a single dose of K2 for the first time today, not knowing there was any correlation to histamine intolerance. Well, a few hours later my face was terribly flushed and my head was pounding. A bit of googling led me here.
    I am self-diagnosed as having histamine intolerance , but it is instances such as this that continue to confirm my suspicion.

    • Hello Jeanette,
      If you want to take a Vitamin K2 supplement there’s no reason why you shouldn’t, as long as you follow the dosage instructions.

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